Krystal Communication Services ​Policy / Terms and Conditions



By partnering with Krystal Communication Services (Support Company), CSP (Authorize User) agrees to the following terms and policy.




I.       The Authorized User is not employed by Support Company, Arise (“Arise”) or any Client the Authorized user chooses to provide Client Support Professional services to. The Authorized user is an independent contractor and will be responsible for paying applicable Federal, State, or local taxes.

II.      The Authorized User understands that they can be engaged in an independently established trade, occupation, profession, or business and are allowed to represent competitors and also hold other full-time occupations.

III.    The Authorized User understands that they are not obligated to service only Support Company and may provide services to other clients in the same field of work.

IV.   Support Company will not pay for or reimburse Authorized User for any travel or business related expenses.

V.     The Authorized User is responsible for paying their own medical and dental insurance and are not eligible for unemployment, overtime or benefits. The Authorized User is responsible for their own retirement savings.

VI.   The Authorized User is responsible for any fees incurred related to operating their business. The Authorized User understands that they may incur a loss by investing in their own equipment, home office space and certification.

VII.  The Authorized User agrees to hold and maintain any state or local business license that may be required, and if necessary, any occupational license, insurance or bonding. To see what license(s) your State requires as a Sole Proprietor please visit

VIII. The Authorized User will receive a Form 1099 in January the following year for tax purposes and must report all earning for self-employment with to IRS.

IX.   Each party acknowledges and agrees that it is, and will at all times during the term of this Independent Contractor Agreement be deemed, an independent contractor of the other party. Each party will have exclusive control of the manner, means, location and details of accomplishing the services that it contracts to provide under this Independent Contractors Agreement and neither party may control the manner in which the other party meets its contractual obligations. 





I.       Authorized User agrees to pay Support Company a usage fee (the “Platform Usage Fee”) on a bimonthly basis for the Support Company services of $_35__ for the full term of the Statement of Work up to $_400___ for the term. Authorized User agrees to pay Support Company a bimonthly usage fee for the Arise services (the “Arise Platform Usage Fee”) of $19.75. If the Authorized User does not earn enough to cover the usage fee, the amount owed will be deducted from the following invoice. Support Company will invoice Authorized User and Authorized User will pay the Platform Usage Fees on a bi-monthly basis (the “Invoice Periods”).  The Invoice Periods will be the 1st to the 15th of each month and the 16th to the end of the month. Payments are distributed on the 1st and the 15th following the invoice period. If the date falls on a holiday or weekend payments are distributed on the first business day prior by electronic deposit.



I.       The Authorized User has the right to end their relationship with the person/company for whom the services are performed at any time the Authorized User wishes. The Authorized User has the right to end their relationship with the Support Company at any time the Authorized User wishes.

II.      If The Authorized User is performing services for a client and has not finished the project (“Statement of Work”) before terminating it’s relationship with the Support Company or the Support Company terminates its relationship with the Authorized User for any reason before the project is completed, up to a $_400___ termination fee will be incurred by the Authorized User and will be deducted from the final invoice. The termination fee will be figured by the amount of Support Company usage fee’s that were yet to be paid to the Support Company by the Authorized User for the signed SOW period maxing out at $__400__. If the final invoice does not cover the termination fee, that balance will remain owed and deducted from future invoices until fully paid or paid by Paypal, check or money order directly to the Support Company by the Authorized User. Any unpaid debts will be sent to collections after 90 days of non-payment.

  • Authorize User understands that these policies can be amended at any time, by Krystal Communication Services, with or without notification.




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