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After watching our company orientation above, you may proceed to the next step by following the instruction located in the email you already received. Click the "NEW AGENT STEP BY STEP GUIDE" link in the email and another page will open with detailed instructions on how to create your profile and much more. Should you need further help or face any difficulties with the file, please email us at help@krystalcservices.com 

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Due to COVID-19 we are in serious need of agents right now. SEVERAL opportunities are available with increase pay rate and incentives!

My Name is Shakitta I also work from home with Krystal Communication Services and I must say it has been an amazing opportunity. I love selecting my own hours it allows more time for activities with my kids[which I have 5 ] I've had so many job opportunities. That I have had to turn down or just quit the first day not having a babysitter. Please don't let anything get in your way!! You got this!!

Thank you KCS & Esther For giving me the opportunity! I’ve been back and forth for years with you and things but you were always willing to help.


My name is Cassandra and I’ve been part of Krystal Communication Services since December of last year. I was so glad to find a company with many opportunities and in my opinion the best benefit that any company could have which is choosing my own hours!

As a stay at home mom it’s really hard to find someone to work around my own hours and my own schedule. I been happily working with KCS for almost 4 months, I am currently in certification with a new client and it’s just wonderful. Certification is really easy and there are a lot of resources to get help, and any time I need help or have questions I get the help I need in a timely manner. I am pleased to be working with KCS and I will continue my journey with them. I definitely recommend KCS to anyone seeking to work from home!




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Space are filling out FAST!


Current Available Opportunities

Please note:

Opportunities fill up super fast so once you see a client you wish to serve, it's best to select it fast. Opportunities change based on availability. Below are a few of the opportunities we're currently contracting agents for and the pay rates:


Tessie, CSP Agent


“KCS is the best IBO out there.In addition to all the advantages the job offers convenience, flexibility, great pay, management is great. Esther offers great support to her team she is all about their success. I definitely recommend KCS.”

Naomi, CSP Agent

College Student

Krystal communications Services is the BEST! Esther is very friendly and I can work as many hours as I want. I can wear whatever I want to work and the best part is I GET PAY ON TIME :-)Yuppp. If you are interested in working from home I recommend you start with KCS!

Jessica, CSP Agent

Stay at home mom

KCS is by far the best career decision i've made my entire life. Offering me the ability to be free and work from my home whenever i want. the IBO is top notch Esther takes care of her agents and i love working with her. Trust me you will love her too i highly recommend KCS.

Reinhard, CSP Agent

College Student

I strongly recommend Esther and KCS to work seekers out there… There work flow is outstanding and amazing. They treat agents like family and never will they let you down

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